Wednesday, May 04, 2016

ESPN optimistic about Towles

ESPN posted an article on recent ACC QB transfers and how their histories projects to our new QB Patrick Towles. The short history of these transfers is mixed, but the good news is that the successes are closely tied to BC. We all know about Tyler Murphy and how he carried the team in 2014. But there are also huge differences between Murphy and Towles. Murphy got to play in a run heavy system with Ryan Day calling the plays. Murphy was also less experienced than Towles having only started six games to Towles' 22 starts.

The other relevant QB in the article was Virginia Tech's Michael Brewer. Despite some injuries, his two years in Blacksburg were very productive and a seemingly easy transition. That is comforting considering his Offensive Coordinator in those two seasons is BC's current OC Scot Loeffler.

The most reassuring part of the article was this quote from Bobby Petrino:
“I’ve known Patrick for a long time,” Louisville coach Bobby Petrino said recently on the ACC teleconference. “He had a great high school career and we competed against him at Kentucky. He's a very fine quarterback. He's big and physical, has a good release, and can really throw the football. He definitely should do a good job there.

With regards to most things, I don't trust Bobby Petrino. However, evaluating college QBs is one area where his expertise is superior to most. If he likes Towles, I feel pretty good about him too.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

BC looking to flip Iowa commit

New Jersey WR Frank Darby was all set to go to Iowa. He even attended their Spring Game a few weeks ago. However, some academic concerns -- Iowa wanted him to attend prep school -- had Darby looking around again. His first post-Iowa visit will be BC.  This is where things get interesting.

As a 2016 recruit, Darby would be available to play this fall and would presumably join other 2016 recruits when they get on campus this summer. Although he is a WR, he has the athleticism to play other positions. BC didn't recruit him last time around, but Darby has a strong relationship with new staffer Anthony Campanile. 

Getting him on campus for a visit is huge, but I also wonder where the Admissions Office stands on Darby. If Iowa had academic concerns, I don't see how our Admissions team won't. I hope that by getting Darby this far in the process, he's cleared that hurdle. It would be bad to publicly court this kid and then jerk him around like Iowa did...especially as we are rebuilding our New Jersey relationships. 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Baseball, Softball both win weekend series

After a rough start, Baseball rallied this weekend won their series with Virginia Tech. It improved their ACC record to 9-13. There next game is against URI on Tuesday.

Softball swept Syracuse and improved to 10-8 in ACC play. They host Pittsburgh next.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Redskins draft Daniels

The third day of the NFL Draft was good for BC. The Washington Redskins took Steven Daniels in the 7th round. While seventh rounders are expendable and often cut, this is still very good for Daniels and BC. He gets a little more money and BC gets to boast about another draft pick. I don't know if Daniels has the coverage skills to be an star at this level, but he should be very effective.

BC's other two high profile seniors didn't get drafted but both signed free agent deals quickly. Mehdi Abdesmad is headed to Tennessee and Connor Wujciak signed with Philadelphia.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Broncos draft Simmons

Congratulations to Justin Simmons. The versatile DB is headed to the Super Bowl Champion Broncos. While not a Day 1 pick, Simmons is still high enough that BC can leverage his good news with our future recruiting. Simmons deserves so much credit for climbing up Draft boards. He had a very good season, but meeting him and seeing his tapes probably sold Denver.

Let's hope he has a great career and more BC guys join him in the NFL this weekend.

Baseball loses opener to VT

The BC Baseball team is at the point in the season where every ACC game has tons of conference implications. With a struggling Virginia Tech in town, BC needs a big weekend. Things did not star well as the Eagles lost to the Hokies on Friday. The two teams play again Saturday. That game will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tunsil yet another reminder that college sports remains dirty

The story of the NFL Draft was Laremy Tunsil. While his drug video was the bigger deal, I think admitting to taking money from Ole Miss will have a more far reaching impact on college sports. Ole Miss will probably suffer some sort of scholarship reduction and a change in coaching staffs. The whole affair is a reminder of how broken college sports are.

BC took a stand on paying players last year, but the Power 5 is moving towards official Minor League status whether we like it or not. BC might think paying players is contrary to the school's mission, but it does benefit us. Money is already changing hands. Getting it out in the open might curb some of the cheating. Right now BC is playing with one hand behind their back. If we have strict salaries and caps and what not, some of that talent will get redistributed to places like BC.

I like to think that BC is not cheating like Ole Miss, but I know enough not to ask or push the issue. If BC is doing under the table stuff like Ole Miss, then that is just one more reason to support paying players. As anyone at CSOM will tell you, this is a highly inefficient market. Making the money official and allowing players' value to drive market will fix so much and we can all stop pretending it is about the education.